american idol updated

April 5, 2006 § Leave a comment

Last nite, I didn’t pay attention to the American Idol, I was in the middle of cooking and doing lotsa dishes (sigh), but I checked at rickey’s site (he updates most of TV shows). The theme was country…cool…
Elliott Yamin was hot! Way to go, boy…..
This Jew dude was one of my Idols. I am pretty sure he’ll be in the top five, after Taylor, Chris, Paris and Kellie. Mandisa could be in the top five, she’s a goddess of diva. Pretty soon, she needs Jenny Craig’s help…(forgive me, Mandisa..but it’s true!). Ace might be the one also, but his voice tone is so ‘boyband’. Sorry Ace, you’re not my type. But you’ve got the look, you’ve got ‘the six-packs’ body, so just let yourself to be a model or a fitness personal trainer (aaawww!).
Taylor…yo yo yo….what’s up dude? He wasn’t in his best performance. But I still vote for him.
Who’s going home tonight? Hm…not Bucky, please…….!


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