Our Three Little Monkeys

January 20, 2006 § Leave a comment

I wish I could have 9 monkeys surrounding in our little homy place called home. Unfortunately, it’s just so ridiculous having so many kids during this modern era, what would people think about us…..”gee…are those couple out of their mind or what?”
Athough 9 is my lucky number as well, we’re not gonna think about that..not in a million years like my daughter said. Three monkeys are more than enough for us. They have made us such as “busy” people here. Our house has never been quiet and peaceful, our house has never been tidy or clean, our house has never been like our dream house with full of decorations and artistic ornaments….our couches…aaargh…you can imagine they can destroy them in pieces within couple year!!! But deep inside, I feel a happiness. As I am proud to be myself having the most beautiful kids I ever imagined before. They’re funny and silly and lovely…I never stop blessing and wondering how lucky we are, never get bored being home, never stop watching them doing some new ‘research’ and exploring, last but not least…never stop loving them! Alhamdulillah……

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